Report of the
U. S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Program
Introduction to Kriging and EasyKrig Hands On Workshop
March 6-7, 2000


This workshop was supported by the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Program Office which is funded by the National Science Foundation. The workshop was organized by Carin Ashjian, Jim Ledwell, Dezhang Chu. The contributions of numerous participants to the development of the agenda and the assistance of the Computer and Information Services Department at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are gratefully acknowledged. Special thanks to Andy Solow for presenting the keynote lecture and to Bruce Cole for providing the crucial support for the Macintosh users to access the Easy-Krig. This report was prepared by Carin Ashjian, Jim Ledwell, and Dezhang Chu.


The purpose of the workshop was to introduce participants to the method and proper application of kriging, provide examples of how to apply kriging to oceanic data sets, explain the kriging software Easy-Krig 2, developed by Dezhang Chu (WHOI), and provide an opportunity for workshop participants to apply Easy-Krig to their own data with the assistance of workshop instructors. The workshop was held on March 6-7, 2000. The instructional portion of the workshop consisted of introductory lectures followed by a "hands-on" tutorial in Easy-Krig2. Two lectures were presented: An Introduction to Kriging by Andy Solow (see lecture notes in Appendix) and Application of Kriging and Easy-Krig to Oceanic Data by Jim Ledwell. This portion of the workshop was conducted in traditional lecture setting with ~25 attendees.

The "hands-on" tutorial and opportunity to apply Easy-Krig2 to individual investigator's data were conducted in the Group Training Facility at WHOI. This facility was designed for instruction in computer software packages and consists of 12 individual PC or Macintosh computers and a PC for the instructor for which the screen display is projected onto a large, central screen using a high quality projector. Steps in the use of the software package can be followed closely by the participants and replicated on the individual PCs. For the kriging workshop, the number of PCs in the facility was augmented by setting up tables at which six participants could use their individual laptop computers. Several of the GTF PC/Macintosh stations also were shared by two attendees, enabling a greater number of people to participate. Approximately 20 people participated in the hands-on portion of the workshop.

The "hands-on" tutorial was conducted by Dezhang Chu. Following the tutorial, investigators applied Easy-Krig to their own data, under the supervision of Dezhang Chu and Jim Ledwell. The workshop adjourned for the day at 5:15 PM. Most attendees did not wish to participate in a second day. One participant worked further with Dezhang Chu in the Bigelow Building on March 7, 2000.

Appendix 1. Workshop Schedule

March 6, 2000

9AM Introduction to Kriging: Andy Solow

1045AM Application of Kriging and Easy-Krig to Oceanic Data: Jim Ledwell

1145-1230 Lunch (The Buttery)