About Robert C. Groman

Picture Robert C. Groman | Biology Department | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution | Woods Hole, MA 02543-1127 | Résumé | e-mail: rgroman@whoi.edu

I divide my loyalties about 51/49 between home and work, respectively, although both segments probably think the division is more like 70/30 in favor of the other.

I went to Clark University and graduated with a BA degree in Physics in 1969. I then studied for two years at Darmouth College. I returned to graduate school, part time, and graduated with an MS degree in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institution in 1981.

I have worked at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution since 1971. I started out as a computer programmer (Fortran mostly), going to sea on several geological and geophysical cruises collecting and processing underway geophysical measurements. In 1981, I became the systems manager for the Institution's first DEC/VAX system operated by the Institution's central computer group. In 1989 I became the Manager then Director of the Information Systems Center. In 1994, I assumed my current responsibilies as the U.S. GLOBEC Georges Bank Program Services and Data Management Administrator. I am responsible for supporting the scientific investigators' study of Georges Bank and in supporting the data management needs of this project. This involves maintaining and enhancing the JGOFS data management system as it is used by the program's participants.

My interests include operating systems, computer architecture, data storage and retrieval, and general aviation.

Philosophical view: He who excels at resolving difficulties does so before they arise. (The Art of War, Sun Tzu)