Fleetlink Vessels
fishing vessels
Fishing vessels
RV/Tioga, Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.
Gulf Challenger
RV/Gulf Challenger, University of New Hampshire
RV/Connecticut, University of Connecticut


Fishing Vessel Sensor System and Telemetry

The widespread temporal and spatial distribution of commercial fishing vessels makes them ideal platforms from which to gather basic information for coastal monitoring, modeling, and prediction. Both fisherman and scientists benefit from real-time access to data.

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FleetLink was started in 1998 with funding from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) via the National Ocean Partnership Program (NOPP). In 2003, FleetLink was included in the University of New Hampshire's Coastal Ocean Observing and Analysis (COOA) Program, which was funded by NOAA's Coastal Services Center (Charleston, SC). Since 2007, more...

   How does FleetLink work?

Real-time data are collected and autonomously telemetered from commercial fishing and oceanographic research vessels to a shore-based data server and are accessible via the data menu button. more...

   Display and analysis of FleetLink data

The FleetLink distributed database is easy to use and search, and seeks to maintain up-to-date data archives. Simple tools for data visualization and analysis are available on the database website. Some sample plots of existing climate data may be viewed. more...

Participating Organizations

Woods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionClearwater InstrumentsPortland Fish ExchangeUniv. of Connecticutseagrant - unhsea grant - mit

Funding Agencies

National Oceanographic Partnership ProgramOffoce of Naval ResearchNOAA Coastal Service Ctr.National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin.


last modified: 20 June, 2008